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The door opens, and a Peacekeeper comes in. “You have one hour to say goodbye”, he announces, and lets my friends into the room. I get up, and suddenly my face is full of their hair and I feel like I am crushing under their arms. We hug and cry together for a few minutes.

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All the eyes are on the podium, when District Three’s escort, Valeria Florence, scurries there and puts on the microphone. This time she looks almost weirder than ever: she is wearing a pastel green, shoulder-length wig, yellow lipstick and a dress which looks like it’s made from pink rabbit carcasses.

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I started to write THG fanfic of my own, and here’s the first part :> I hope someone will read it and comment!

This is the story of The 19th Hunger Games. Our protagonist is Artemis Blackwood, 18-year-old from District 3.

Keep in mind that English is not my first language, so there might be some errors and the text is not as flowing as it could be.

The Reaping Day has the worst start possible – I oversleep and wake to the sudden sound of thunder. I jump into sitting position and wipe a drop of drool from my chin. Rain immediately starts to drum to my window and a sudden light fills the sky for a second. Great.

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Hey, I just wanted to ask you (if there’s someone who is reading this) if you could help me to decide what kind of cosplay I should start working on. I recently got interested in cosplaying, but I don’t have any ideas yet. I really like The Hunger Games, Disney, Game of Thrones / ASoIaF for example, but I’m not into anime, so that’s not an option really.

I attached some pictures here, so you can tell me if I remind you of some character or something. Those are pretty crappy pics from my phone, but I think you’ll get the idea. In the first one I have my hair down normally (it’s pretty long, goes down to waist) and in the second one where I look like a scary baby I have my bangs up so you can see my face better.

I would REALLY appreciate it if some of you could give me some ideas and maybe show me yours for inspiration. Any kind of tips about cosplay are helpful, actually. 

Thank you!

edit: Sansa Stark and Katniss (I think I have the hair for it, so at least I wouldn’t have to buy a wig!) are great ideas! I do like Foxface also, maybe I could use Sansa wig for that too? Princess Jasmine is a funny idea, since I’m like the palest person in the world :D Would be nice to try though! Thank you for your ideas <3