It’s Friday night and I AM SO BORED

Omg, The Wolf Among Us is so much better than I expected (and I presumed it’d be good) 😍 I’m downloading episode 2 right now.

I’m downloading The Walking Dead Game’s S02E02 right now. OMG FINALLYYY

I posted a selfie and immediately lost a follower. How fun

Ha, it’s so funny how some parts of USA have apparently stopped functioning because of cold weather and snow and then there are countries like mine, where you have to live with snow 3-5 months every year.

For example, today I walked home through the snow and over a frozen lake, and it’s -20 Celsius degrees out there. Broke a mild sweat in the end.

I’ve played about 10 hours of TES: Oblivion today… Wow such productivity

Ok, I survived the x-ray (although it showed my bottom wisdom teeth are fucked up and growing sideways) but there was no dentist there, so I have to schedule another appointment to get my jaw fixed/unlocked. More sleepless nights ahead. Blah :(

I have a dentist appointment on Wednesday and I’m really anxious about it already. It’s just an x-ray (to see if there’s any wisdom teeth coming up and I’m also having some problems with my jaw, it’s locked on the other side) but boohoo I’m scared :(((

Wow, I haven’t posted anything in ages but I’m back here now!
I’ve just been busy living my life, working and doing a lot of online shopping. And of course watching a lot of TV shows.

Had the first day at my new job today. I’m tired but happy (and I’ll be even happier in the end of the month when I get my first paycheck and I will have actual money to spend for the first time in ages).